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“The taste of Tea and Zen are one.” – Sen Sotan, 16th century Japanese grand tea master.

Tea has been a root of meditative practice for thousands of years. Join theGlobal Purpose Movement and Suzette Hammond of Being Tea to explore the world of tea and learn how it is used in meditation.

5:30pm: Doors open
6-7pm: Tea tasting class: Various types of tea, how they are grown and made, how to prepare them properly.
7:10-8pm: Tea mindfulness class: Guided meditation style, using tea to calm the choppy, busy mind.

Cups and a variety of teas will be provided. We will be seated for part of the evening. Zafus and backjacks will be available. This workshop will be led by Suzette Hammond, founder of Being Tea and international tea educator, based in Chicago. Please note: These are traditional teas from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, and not herbal or medicinal teas.

Price: $20