• Overview

Join Ryan Blume and Global Purpose Movement for an evening of Art and Purpose. In this workshop participants will be guided through a mandala making process. Starting from the center, our shared eternal soul purpose, we will move outward in concentric circles, creating and expressing our unique selves in shape and color.

All materials are provided. No experience needed, as guidance will be provided on a group and individual level as needed. Each participant will leave with their mandala, as an embodiment of their unique expression and an artifact of their workshop experience that can help them recreate more mandalas on their own.


Doors: 5:30pm
Workshop: 6 – 8pm


About Ryan Blume:

“My artwork serves to document the pilgrimage of conscious enlightenment.Drawing from the world’s esoteric, religious and shamanic practices, I intend to create a wholistic visual representation of our collective destiny. From the shadows of the unconscious to the luminous omnipresent Love and everything in between, I invite you along the soul’s journey toward ever divine awakening.”