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Intention Beads: Planting Seeds of Purpose for the New Year
with Alex Rueve

Start 2018 off right by setting the intention to manifest your purpose! During this event, all participants will be hand-making their own talisman. You will be provided with the current astrological happenings, insight into your personal astrology, a raw clay bead, and an opening meditation, so you will walk away with a refreshed intention and matching talisman.

Date: Monday, Jan 22nd, 2017 6:00 to 8:00pm, doors at 5:30pm

Location: The Greenheart Center (746 North La Salle Street, Chicago, IL)

About Intention Beads:

Intention Beads are astrological talismans. Hand made using the ancient millefiori art process, each bead (of the bracelet, necklace, or mala) is planned and handmade during astrological transits. For instance, ​during a​ New Moon in Leo (Aug. 14th at 10:21am CDT)​, it​ is a great time to increase creative ideas and to increase capacity to enjoy life. ​During this transit, Sandy Rueve​, creates the clay beads repeating a mantra with the same symbolism and meaning​. “I pursue my heart’s desire to evoke my passion and vitality.” – Once ​the beads are cured, the beads are set, always holding that sacred moment. The talisman has been created for a purpose, in alignment with your mantra, ​during an astrologically​ auspicious time, and acts as your ​personal ​daily reminder to live ​your intention​… whatever that may be.

Advance – $20
Day of – $25