• Overview

There is a sacred reality at the heart of every human being – a point of pure presence where we dissolve into the infinity of the One.

There is a sacred power seeking to be born in every human being – a lightning current of purpose where our drive for creativity, connection and self-expression is one with evolution itself.

There is a exhilarating passion seeking to be known in every human being – a place where that which turns us on most, and that which is our greatest contribution to the whole – are one.

We in the Global Purpose Movement believe that this connection to presence, purpose and passion – to the spaces in our being where we are most awake and alive – is the best place to source our action to bring the updates our world is calling for.

In this 5-week online course, Jon Darrall-Rew will guide participants through a process that will focus on:

  • Awakening to your true nature as all-embracing Presence, your deepest essence, which transcends, embraces and is intimately One with all creation. The wisdom of the mystical traditions, both Eastern and Western, offers the precious opportunity to experience profound inner peace and oneness with all life.
  • Connecting to your authentic purpose, the place where your deepest fulfilment and most powerful contribution are seamlessly integrated. Exploring the insights of shamanic traditions and soul-based traditions, as well as academic research on purpose and leadership, will support you to discover and offer the gift that is uniquely yours to give, in service of the whole.
  • Living with passion in your daily life. Embodying your purpose-in-action is both exhilarating and deeply challenging. The commitment it calls for is matched by the fulfilment it brings. The Global Purpose Movement supports individuals, projects and organisations to use the fire of passion to identify a clear purpose and manifest it in the world.

View this intro call recording to get a taste of what the course will like:


Calls will be 1.5 hours long and will occur on the following dates:
Call 1: June 11th at 9am PST / 11am CST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET
Call 2: June 18th at 9am PST / 11am CST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET
Call 3: June 25th at 9am PST / 11am CST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET
Call 4: July 9th at 9am PST / 11am CST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET
Call 5: July 16th at 9am PST / 11am CST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET

Financial exchange: $125

About the presenter: Jon Darrall-Rew works with the Global Purpose Movement, and is co-founder of Synergy Forum and Bright Alliance. He is a leadership consultant and works one-to-one with individuals as a life path guide. Between 2011-2014, he was head of the international spiritual community, Shamballa School. And between 2012-2015 he worked as part of the leadership team of a project based in Interlaken, Switzerland, exploring how a deeper understanding of spiritual awakening might inform globally cooperative efforts toward the evolution of human civilisation. He teaches both traditional Tibetan Buddhism and a global approach to the spiritual path. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany.