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The Answer is Within:
Using Qigong to Unlock Your Body’s Code and Discover Your Life’s Purpose

with Larry Stoler, PhD
Budding Spring Healing

Your purpose is your birthright. Can you see yourself as you really are—a physical being with unbreakable links to the infinite energy and love of the universe? This is the source of your purpose. Immaterial at first, when you are born it is literally woven into every cell, every molecule of your body. Living your purpose frees you to be who you are meant to be, uniquely you and an inseparable part of all that is.

Though it is within you, discovering your purpose can be elusive. Your mind can trick you and lead you on a frustrating search. At times it can appear that your purpose is inaccessible as if locked away in your body with the password lost.

In this workshop, you’ll learn Qigong practices, methods from the great ancient masters, that provide keys to unlock your body’s wisdom. Qigong can help you go beyond your mind to make a direct connection to your true purpose.

This workshop is open to all. Wear loose comfortable clothes. If you are ready, take this step into a journey of deep self-discovery.

Greenheart Center
746 N LaSalle
Chicago, IL

Doors: 5:30pm
Start: 6:00pm
End: 8:00pm

$20 Suggested Donation

Larry S. Stoler, MSSA, PhD is a clinical psychologist and Medical Qigong practitioner. He is a leader in the integration of Eastern and Western healing philosophies. He is a past president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, an international non profit. He has practiced Qigong for 20 years and is currently a qigong student of Grand Master Nan Lu. Larry teaches nationally and internationally. He is an organizer of and regular presenter at Grand Master Lu’s annual Building Bridges for Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference. His integrative healing practice, Budding Spring Healing located in Wilmette, IL., combines psychotherapy, Medical Qigong, and group Qigong wellness programs for the public.