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“The Power of Language”

Language is an innate skill that is a foundation on which most of our learning occurs and when used optimally, can change our entire life experience. All language was learned and reinforced through interactions in our environment through four modalities: reading, writing, speaking and listening. This workshop will look into language patterns that were learned through the above four modalities that were maladaptive in supporting our most desirable life experience.

Words and communication carry vibration that reinforces our states of being that we categorize in polarities of positive and negative. Language can either work for us, creating more of what we want, or against us creating more of what we do not want. When we feel as though life isn’t moving in the direction we want, we can evaluate how we are communicating with ourselves and with our goals. Just like a paintbrush creates with each stroke against the canvas with paint, language creates our life experience with each word we utter. We can become more in control of what we experience when we are aware of the language we are using in our internal and external psycho-social interactions.

In this 3-hour workshop, Bhairavi will outline strategies to become aware of your own language thought patterns and share applications to harness the creative and adaptive Power of Language empowering you in achieving your highest goals! You totally deserve this!

Abracadabra literally means, “I speak, therefore I create.” This is the perfect time of year to grab hold of your biggest goals and be set on course to achievement. What will YOU CREATE with the awareness of this profound and magnificent power?

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Bhairavi Shera is an intuitive with a background in speech language pathology having served in forensic mental health and rehabilitative programs in school systems and nursing homes. She integrates her spiritual knowledge and practice with education sciences and illuminates the transformative power of language in creating the most abundant life experience. She is the creator of “The Power of Language” workshop series and “Language as Medicine” teaching the use compassionate and empathic language to heal the internal being. Bhairavi Shera has studied Hatha yoga, integrative bodywork, holistic nutritional sciences and reiki. She is originally Canadian and has been living in the USA since 2009.